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Net zero buildings.

Net zero occupiers?

To meet net-zero and better plan your organisation, remote and hybrid working needs to be accounted for across your property portfolio

In 10 minutes, we can baseline your occupier emissions from commuting, hybrid working and home working.
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Collect reporting data

We aggregate occupier data across your organisation – providing detailed energy use, travel data, and ideas – to use in carbon reduction planning, implementation and reporting. Applying Scope 3 analysis and reporting to drive sustainable improvements for your organisation, people and customers.


Engage occupiers, encourage action

We build you a campaign around our easy to use, standalone web app and give employees and customers a personal report, reduction guidance and the chance to put forward ideas.


Make informed investment decisions

You may be retaining buildings you do not need, negotiating contracts, understanding how emission relate to the social value you deliver. Our team of experts will work with you to interpret the results and improve your sustainability.


Make data driven decisions

Build a rich and unique view of employees and occupants, their behaviours and their support needs.

Are people going to continue to work from home?
Are they on renewable tariffs?
Will domestic energy prices send them back to the office?
What is the likely impact of this in emissions and in social value?

We can help you fill this data gap.

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Use our free calculator and get your personalised report.

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Key features

Reduce our impact together

Campaign Comms

We combine your organisational purpose with best practice content creation to amplify engagement across your workforce. Our campaign packs include branded digital and offline marketing materials.

Homeworking survey

Scope 3 Baseline

Our validated hybrid-working survey is based on GHG protocol commuting calculations and EcoAct’s teleworking methodology. It takes 5 minutes for employees to complete and provides data ready for direct to reporting to all major bodies.


Ground up Contribution

Empower staff with personalised insight and empower them to get involved. Source workforce sustainability ideas from across the organisation, providing opportunities for meaningful contribution and recognition, regardless of hierarchy.

Seamless integration

Optimised for engagement

No app download or login process. Simply share the link into existing comms channels – Slack, Zoom, Facebook Email, Intranet. Optimised for mobile but also but works on desktop. It is simple and quick, with demystified content to encourage maximum participation.

About us


David Thomas

Ex PwC Consulting, MD Revitalised Wellbeing Platform. Developing commercial strategies in sustainability, specifically focussing on engagement.


Steve Pimlott

Ex Arup. Shapes and delivers services, products and projects across energy and transport decarbonisation, climate change and sustainability.


Muryel Boulay

Operations specialist across multiple sectors, CSR & ESG report writer and trained B-Corp B-Leader in UK.


Matt Georges

Ex Environment Agency. Applied economist in environmental analysis, regulation and policy making in both the public and private sectors.


Gemma O'Hara

Communications professional, helping leaders define their vision, mission and brand positioning.

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