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Stakeholder communications platform

Bring your sustainability campaigns, events, news and data all together in once place, with our Community+ Platform

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A comprehensive, location or service-specific engagement and data platform for use internally and across your supply chain.

Our Community+ platform connects your high-level strategy and global goals with real-world, site-based action through stakeholder interaction.
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Community+ helps you to:


Demonstrate responsibility and purpose


Lead your sector, get ahead in supply chains


Support talent acquisition and retention


Source ideas from across your stakeholders


Collect & centralise bespoke reporting data


Key features

  • Highly flexible, modular system – built to match ESG priorities
  • Validated educational content
  • Host Scope 3 data collection tools
  • Onboard Sustainability Champions
  • Easily infuse with own content & news
  • Supported campaigns/comms packs
  • Data organised around reporting priorities
  • Sector wide information sharing to solve the larger issues
  • Integrate with other engagement platforms

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The community+ platform can also assist you in:

Carbon Reduction Plans in Supply Chain Emissions

Businesses must keep track of their supply chain emissions and prepare carbon reduction plans that act as an impetus to their sustainability journey. Supply chains chain emissions are complicated and every business has its unique supply chain demands and they often account for a large proportion of overall emissions.

Our Community+ platform offers business-critical information and organised data to help in the creation of carbon reduction plans and reduce supply chain emissions.

Scope 3 measurement

Scope 3 emissions are the most significant percentage of GHG emissions (up to 80% for some businesses). With scope 3 measurement, companies can understand how to make more sustainable products regarding life cycles and the supply chains can also understand the environmental impact of their products and from the activities happening outside their company boundaries within the value chain.

Scope 3 measurement helps companies discover the gaps in the market so that they can improve or add new products; it allows a company to become more competitive and gain an eco-friendly rapport.

The Community+ platform lets you host Scope 3 data collection tools that help in the scope 3 measurement process.

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